About the GCF

The Greater Cedarburg Foundation (GCF) is a permanent philanthropic organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage private funding in support of projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in the greater Cedarburg community. The Greater Cedarburg Foundation is a nonprofit corporation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible.

What Types of Projects Does the Foundation Support?

The Foundation supports projects and programs that enhance those attributes that make Cedarburg special. The Foundation considers many types of projects with an emphasis on those that focus on:

  • Preserving and enriching our cultural heritage
  • Enhancing our artistic and aesthetic experiences
  • Providing educational and community service opportunities for all ages

Who Decides What Projects the Foundation Supports?

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of men and women who live in the greater Cedarburg area. Members of the board have a wide range of experience in business and community service. Grant requests are evaluated by a committee of the board. Decisions are based on the relation of the project to the Foundation’s mission, the benefit to the community and funds available.

How Can I Give to the Foundation?

The goal of the Foundation is to establish an endowment that will provide grants to organizations for projects that support its mission. Outright donations and planned estate gifts are the Foundation’s primary funding sources. Individual and corporate gifts of any size are also welcome. The Foundation seeks to develop a broad base of donors who desire to leave a lasting legacy and positive impact on the community.  For details, visit the Legacy Society page.

Board of Directors

  • John Cordio – President
  • Joe Fazio – Past President
  • Mark Langholz – President Elect
  • Sue Loken– Treasurer
  • Mark Burgoyne – Secretary
  • Mary Jane Baumgartner
  • Heather Cain
  • Carol Alexander Coutts
  • Robb Helf
  • Joe Rintelman
  • Mitch Quick
  • Steve Schowalter
  • Patricia Thome
  • Tim Wilkinson
  • Jennifer Ziegler

Greater Milwaukee Foundation Liaison:
Will Janisch

Founders: Members who pledged at least $10,000 in the initial campaign: